by orient | 26-09-2016

With the overcast skies and rumbling overhead, you know that monsoon is here. In India that experiences ample rainfall during this season, life becomes all about adjusting to the sudden

How to unclog a drain

by orient | 11-04-2016

The sink takes a little longer to drain, water collects around your feet in the shower, the strange and unpleasant odors. No, you don’t have indigestion. You have a clogged

4 Home Hot Spots You Need to Know About

by orient | 11-04-2016

Think you know your house well? If you feel the need to use the word “thingy” to explain things in an emergency, you should read up about the 7 critical

Quick fixes for home you can do yourself

by orient | 09-04-2016

It’s tempting to hire a professional contractor/technician for minor home repairs rather than doing them yourself. Understandably, there will be times when you need one, especially when everything is being

DIY maintenance tips for your wooden furniture

by orient | 08-04-2016

Some say the home is where the heart is. But like the heart and it’s sometimes unfortunate encounter with the food you love, even the home needs some tender, loving

Keep Your House in Top Shape: An Incredibly Handy home maintenance checklist

by orient | 07-04-2016

Home maintenance isn’t just surface cleaning and decorating. The important things to pay attention to are the constantly running facilities that keep your home up and running. So instead of

4 Simple Hacks to Beautiful Wooden Furniture

by orient | 06-04-2016

Want to give that extra zing back to your wooden furniture? To prevent being the life of the party by falling off your wooden chair, we have some easy and

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