Reinvent your space

by orient | 05-10-2016

With the festivities round the corner, you would want your house to don a new look. A fresh new feel gives a sense of joy and celebration in the household

Legal before you leap

by orient | 05-10-2016

Home buying is a task of a lifetime. It requires planning, research, consultation, finding proper channels of finance, paperwork and a truck load of patience. With the kind of system

Build your home a den

by orient | 05-10-2016

The English Dictionary defines the word ‘den’ as a small part of the house where people can pursue activities in private. It can act as a study room, library, home

Palette of happiness

by orient | 05-10-2016

If walls could speak, it would have very interesting stories about people living within it. The walls of your homes literally scream out your persona to anyone entering your home.

5 tips to light up your house

by orient | 26-09-2016

FIVE TIPS TO LIGHT UP YOUR HOUSE Owing to the increasing number of flats and high rises especially in the urban areas, natural light is a thing of the past.

Go green

by orient | 26-09-2016

GO GREEN Do you feel trapped in a jungle of concrete and iron and yearn for some fresh green splashes? Is your high rise view dotted with only bridges and

The Art of Interior Designing in Construction Industry

by orient | 16-03-2016

The science, art or process of setting up the interiors of a room, a floor or building is known as Interior Designing. Interior Designing and Interior Decorating are two very

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