Vasthu Shastra – The Science of Happiness & Prosperity

by orient | 16-03-2016

Vasthu is not a myth or a superstition as many in the modern world would like to believe. Vasthu is a science developed centuries ago for designing buildings like palaces

Metric Converters in Construction Industry

by orient | 16-03-2016

In India or abroad, whether you use Metric or Imperial system; uniformity in measurement systems is both relevant and important, especially for the construction industry. The fundamental difference between the

Best Practices for Successful Construction Business

by orient | 16-03-2016

Every Business looks to promoting and popularising their works, projects and other verticals. Construction companies also fall into the same category. Promotions don’t singularly mean augmenting revenue. Promotions show the

Buildings that mean business

by orient | 16-03-2016

Commercial projects are exposed to risks and the vagaries of business. Vastu protects from just such eventualities. Some tips to follow while studying and applying vastu principles for a commercial

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