Life at Orient


  • Meritocracy@Work
  • Learn@Work
  • Diversity@Work
  • Fun@Work
  • Grow@Work

Meritocracy Culture

At Orient, we believe that merit is the sole criterion when it comes to evaluating employees. We have sought to build a high performance culture through a robust Performance Management System, Feedback Mechanism and Reward & Recognition Program. Transparency and uniform practices ensure well-defined goals with clearly outlined expectations. An annual performance appraisal system involving self-assessment, supervisor assessment and potential assessment are internal frameworks deployed to cultivate a culture of meritocracy.


We endeavour to create Learning as an essential component of Employee Development to foster Organizational growth. A host of tailor-made programs, catering to varied needs of the workforce, are offered to help employees grow, develop and evolve.


Orient Cement has deep roots in the Indian work ethos and immense respect for the diversity of its people. Since our employees are drawn from across the length and breadth of the country, we strive to provide a common platform for them to grow, achieve and excel. We are committed to inspiring change in the workplace, and to offer opportunities for development and learning that are open to all our staff.

Women comprise around 5% of the total workforce and we take pride in the women-friendly practices and conducive work environment we have created for them to unleash their full potential.


We endeavour to provide a balanced environment where fun and work go hand in hand. Various initiatives including celebrations on Independence Day, International Women’s Day, Diwali, Birthdays, Safety & Health Camps etc., allow employees to interact & bond better with each other in an informal atmosphere, de-stress and their families to interact.


We invest in building our people’s capabilities and creating a leadership pipeline. We encourage our employees to rotate across several functions to broaden their skill sets and explore their interests. And in turn, we benefit from their understanding of the big picture of our operations, goals, and business climate.

Life at Orient

Orient Cement is among the fastest growing cement manufacturers in India, and playing a major role in determining the infrastructural destiny of the country on the strength of the quality and competence of its employees.

We believe in building leaders by giving stretch assignments, early responsibility, job rotations, learning, mentoring and providing ample opportunities. Our focus is not only on professional enrichment of our employees but also on establishing a nurturing, long-term relationship with them.

We recruit people who are passionate about what they do, who want to make a difference and who embody our brand pillars of:

  • Foresight amidst pessimism
  • Persistence during adversity
  • Focus within choices and
  • Empowerment coupled with control

At Orient Cement, these values seek to imbibe the ability to empower rather than command; the capability to inspire rather than lead or manage; the confidence to be lateral when linear is commonplace; the willingness to take challenges head-on and work outside the comfort zone.

If your ambition is your passion, then there can be no better platform to demonstrate it than Orient Cement.