Metric Converters in Construction Industry

In India or abroad, whether you use Metric or Imperial system; uniformity in measurement systems is both relevant and important, especially for the construction industry. The fundamental difference between the two, as we all know, is that in the Metric system the measurement is in meters and kilometers whilst the Imperial system relies on inches, feet and miles.

Interestingly, the four everyday measuring devices that have metric calibrations are:
1) a kilogram weight
2) an electrical meter that measures volts, amperes and ohms
3) a tape measure calibrated in centimetres
4) a thermometer calibrated in degrees Celsius

Inches to Feet Converter

Feet to Inches Converter

Concrete Calculator

Square Footage

Whereas, in practice, both the systems are used in materials, designing and engineering; there are occasions when the need of the hour is standardization. In this fast-paced age, when we are spoilt for choices laid out in the palm of our hand, why should conversions be an exception? Simplifying the task of conversion of inches to feet and vice-versa along with concrete calculator and square footage, here are the digitally powered and super convenient converters and calculators at your disposal, 24×7: