Products that meet the highest standards

At Orient Cement, we are committed to offer you a product that satisfies all the quality standards and also lives up to your expectations. In the endeavour to provide your constructions with unmatched strength and durability, our products undergo stringent tests complying with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) specifications.

Birla.A1 Premium Cement (PPC)

Launched as a corollary to the magnificent success of Orient Gold 53 Grade Cement, Birla A1 Premium Cement has carved a niche in the market and is already among the best known brands in south-west India. Our flagship brand in the PPC category, Birla A1 Premium Cement is an inter-grinding of Portland cement clinker, gypsum and very fine-grained highly reactive fly ash. Its biggest advantage is better particle size distribution for greater strength, which helps achieve higher density with lower porosity in the hydrated cement, leading to increased durability.
Key features

  • Higher strength- lends structures better resistance to an aggressive environment such as chlorides and sulphates attack. Plus, concrete made with Birla A1 gains more strength with the passage of time
  • Smoother finish and high resistance to seepage
  • Higher resistance to ‘cracking’ due to low heat-of-hydration
  • Minimum wastage of cement
  • Better economy

Varied applications

  • Industrial, residential and commercial constructions
  • Mass concrete construction dams, canals, roads, drains, etc
  • Building construction & RCC work
  • Plastering & masonry Grouts and mortars
  • Effluent and sewage treatment plant
  • Marine work & coastal construction

Birla.A1 Premium Cement 53 Grade (OPC)

One of the pioneers of 53-Grade Cement in India, Orient Cement opened up a whole new dimension in building construction with the launch of Orient Gold 53-Grade Cement in 1992. The runaway success of Orient Gold is a testimony to our efforts to provide consumers with only the very best. The brand has now been integrated under our umbrella brand and rechristened as Birla A1 Premium Cement – OPC 53 Grade.

Key features

  • High Compressive Strength, attained through high quality raw material and achieving optimum process control.
  • Strengthens faster than conventional grade cement and facilitates quality constructions.
  • Economical Constructions as high-early strength saves in both cement consumption and construction time.
  • Unmatched durability – thanks to consistency and fineness of cement

Birla.A1 Premium Cement 43 Grade (OPC)

Originally named Orient 43 Grade Cement, it was amongst the earliest successes of Orient Cement paving the way for the others to follow. Manufactured under controlled process conditions deploying sophisticated plant machinery, it gained immense popularity in a short span of time and was instrumental in making Orient Cement a household name. The brand has now been integrated under our umbrella brand and rechristened as Birla A1 Premium Cement – OPC 43 Grade.
Key features

  • General purpose cement especially suited for pre-cast, pre-stressed RCC constructions
  • Suitable for sheet and pipes of asbestos/non-asbestos based products.
  • Suitable for general Civil Engineering construction works like buildings, bridges, roads etc.
  • Compressive strengths are much higher than the BIS Standards.