Birla A1 Premium Cement is manufactured with state of the art manufacturing technology to ensure uniform particle size distribution. Concrete made from it attains higher compressive strength and can sustain higher pressure. Birla A1 Premium Cement, made with P.S.T., gives the cement an edge which is just ideal for your 'dream home'.


Sadharan Cement
Birla A1 Cement


It provides the following benefits

Strong Foundation, Columns & Slabs

Birla A1 Premium Cement provides better compressive strength, helping in faster deshuttering, making it ideal for foundation, columns and slabs

Better Compressive Strength

1 Day - BIS = NA Birla A1 - 15-20 MPA
3 Days - BIS -16Mpa Minimum Birla A1 - 30 ±2Mpa
7 Days - BIS - 22 Mpa minimum Birla A1 - 40 ±2 Mpa

Economical Construction

Birla A1 Premium Cement's optimum setting time results in economical construction by reducing wastage of cement.

Optimum Setting Time
Initial setting time.
BIS - 30 minutes minimum
Birla A1 - 130-150 minutes
Mortar (Cement + Sand+Water mix) once made can be
used for 2-2.5 hrs., hence reducing wastage.
Final setting time.
BIS - 600 minutes maximum.
Birla A1-190-205 minutes
Optimum setting time for timely completion of work.

Superior Plastering

Birla A1 Premium Cement's optimum fineness provides superior finish to your interiors and exteriors making it ideal for plastering

Optimum Fineness
BIS - 300m2/kg minimum.

Birla A1 -350-365 m2/kg
Optimum fineness and high cohesiveness of cement leads to lesser development of micro cracks during construction.

Mortar made of Birla A1 is homogenous, hence plastering work is smooth.

Value added Technical Services

Technical Meetings: We frequently organise technical meets to enhance your knowledge about good construction practices.

Technical Expertise: We offer better consultation to help you build better homes.

Technical Vans (Concrete Engineer): We have specialized vans for testing the soundness of structures during construction to ease your pressure.


It provides the following benefits

Birla A1 Premium Cement - Durable Homes

Birla A1 Premium Cement's consistent quality builds durable homes

Superior Long-Term Compressive Strength
28 days stregnth
BIS -33 Mpa minimum.
Birla A1 -55 ±2 Mpa minimum
High ultimate strength creates
strong and durable structures

Birla A1 Premium Cement - Pressure Free Mainteincence

Homes built by Birla A1 Premium Cement can take on storm ,

heavy rains,chemical attacks etc.effectivley

• Less cracks • Lower risk of seepage • Lower maintence cost

Optimum Soundness
Le-chatler Expansion BIS -10mm maximum. Birla A1-0.5mm(Avg)

Auto Clave Expansion BIS -0.8% maximum.
Birla A1-0.2%(Avg)
Optimum soundness makes homes made with Birla A1 cement weather resistant, keeping them strong and beautiful forever.

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